06.13.17New Studio Location!

Hey everyone! Ryan on this end.

After spending a couple of years at my studio near Lindale Mall, I've decided to move away from leasing commercially starting July 1st, and will be teaching lessons at my new private studio located in Marion! The building I was leasing wasn't in great shape and unfortunately the owner would not fix the failing HVAC system. After a couple of winters of constantly low temps in the studio, I decided the atmosphere of the building was preventing me to teach in a comfortable environment. But at least I can say I know what it's like to teach in a space thats constantly 63 degrees in the winter time! :)

All jokes aside, my new space located at my home will be a comfortable 70 degrees year round, and feature some new things that I wasn't able to do in the old space! I'm very excited for some of the newer features I will be eventually rolling out.

If you are interested in lessons, please shoot me an message through the contact page on my site and we can talk more details! -Ryan

09.30.16Goodbye Dali now out on iTunes!

I had a chance to do some session work on a brand new musical written and produced by my good friend Jason Wooten! The album turned out amazing and you need to check it out! The link to the musicals Facebook page is attached to this update! Go there and choose your method of listening, purchase, download, etc!!

08.26.16End of Summer 2016 Updates!

Hey everyone what is cracking! It's been a crazy busy summer! Lessons at the studio have been going full swing and I got a fair amount of out of town gigs as well as my first international tour! Got to spend 10 days playing Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane in Australia! I've got a couple of albums coming out on iTunes that I was lucky enough to play on! I'll throw the details up on here as soon as the albums are released! Until then, feel free to check out the last project I was a part of called "Megan Hilty: Live at The Cafe Carlyle"!

Fall is getting into full swing with school starting up! If you or anyone you know is interested in private lessons shoot me a message on here! Let's talk about your goals or your child's goals and get some progress rolling! Spots are filling up quickly at the studio so please get in touch as soon as you can so we can find a time that works great for you! Hope you had a great summer! As always, shoot me a message if you are interested in lessons, recording projects, or anything you can think of! Take care! -Ryan

04.06.16Spring/Summer 2016 news!

Hey everyone! Let's be real, I've done an awful job at keeping my website updated. Life's been insanely busy with kids, the studio, touring, etc.... So here's an update.

Last fall I opened my new private studio in a 3,000 sq foot building! It's been great! I've been teaching private lessons as well as doing recording and a few group drum things.

I'm also continuing to tour nationally with my friend Megan Hilty. We've got a few gigs coming up this summer in NYC, Australia, California and the midwest! Very excited to keep gigging with her and the rest of the band!

I also spent some time late last fall recording for a couple of albums that should be released sometime in the next few months! Keep an eye out!

Lastly, I do have a Facebook page for the studio. If you'd like to add it feel free. I'm not the greatest at keeping things super up to date mainly thanks to spend a much free time as I can playing daddy, but you can always feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I'll put the link for the FB page with this article!

09.01.15NEW FALL 2015 NEWS!!!

Whoa guys. As you probably notice, I had to blow the dust off my website to find it again! Luckily for me that means I've been insanely busy doing a little bit of touring here and there and a lot of teaching!!!

HUGE NEWS! Beginning October 2015, I am teaching lessons from my own drum studio space! 3700+ square feet of space to make some drumming happen in! I am currently building my list of students to begin lessons in the new space starting in October! Please shoot me an email or a phone call to get a free trial lesson! More details of the location will be posted soon but I can give you the info if you line up a private lesson!

I'm extremely excited about this opportunity and can't wait to bring some amazing ideas to my studio and eastern Iowa!

02.14.14Vater Drumsticks!

I am proud to say I am now a Vater Artist! I love these sticks, they are super durable, feel great, and they have so much variety of sticks, specialty sticks, brushes etc... Play Vater, they are amazing!

10.24.13Summer / Fall News

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't updated the site in a bit. Here are a few highlights of the last summer / fall.
-Currently gigging with broadway and NBC star Megan Hilty.
-Taught 4 high school drum lines which was a blast but thankfully only a few months.
-Played productions of Wizard of OZ as well as Rocky Horror Show. Also some gigs with the Dubuque Symphony to knock some rust off of my classical chops again.

It's been a very fun last few months. Excited to play some upcoming gigs with Megan in LA, DC, Flordia and a few other hotspots. That's about it. Keeping busy and life is good!

05.15.13Lessons, gigs, and composing OH MY.

Hey everyone! Been a bit since I have been back on here. As many of you know, I just completed my 6 month national tour with the broadway show "Jekyll and Hyde". It was an amazing experience! 198 shows, 26 weeks, 19 major cities, and I only lost 2 cell phone chargers! Anyway, I am currently back in Cedar Rapids, working on expanding my teaching studio here as well as starting up a couple of new side projects. Please keep an eye on my calendar for some upcoming gigs. They are happening, I just haven't updated them on here yet. Excited to see what new things happen this year! Keep an ear out. Peace. -Hoagy

03.02.13Article in Hoopla

An article from Hoopla about my involvment with the Jekyll Tour.

10.05.12Jekyll & Hyde National Broadway Tour.....

I am currently on tour with the National Broadway Tour of "Jekyll & Hyde"! Check out the website for more information, and please come see the show, it is absolutely amazing!

01.15.11Winter update 2011!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had great holiday breaks! I had a very busy fall and holiday season, sort of relaxing a little bit right now before some steam picks up in March again. There will be some much needed updated, upgrading, up everything happening to my website here over the next couple of months or so, so make sure to stop on back! Hoping to add some more educational links and cool things to the site, as well as changing a few other things around.

As always, if you are interested in taking private lessons with me, don't be afraid to contact me via my contact page!

06.08.10Sabian Cymbals

Ryan is pround to announce that he is now endorsed as a Regional Artist for Sabian Cymbals! These cymbals are amazing and Sabian is always creating fresh new sounds and ideas! Be sure to check out thier website at www.sabian.com!

04.02.10Spring Update 2010!

Hey everyone out there in cyber space. Just wanted to catch you up on the latest.

This spring and summer is looking to be a lot of fun! I'm playing out a lot with my friends from Chubby and Funk Stop, check the calendar for dates! Junk Funk is also going to get the ball rolling again here soon with the Downtown Farmers Markets, and I will be playing the midwest premiere Rob Nassif's "Flight of The Lawn Chair Man" for the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre. Looking forward to all of the upcoming gigs, check the dates for the schedule!

As for the last few months, I've giged with all of those groups and played a few fun musicals in the meantime. I played "Annie" around Xmas time as well as just finishing up a 15 show run of "The Producers", both for Theatre Cedar Rapids. I am also currently working with the McKinley Middle School percussion ensemebles and I am going to hopefully have some time here soon to start working on original material I'd like to put out on a cd by the end of the year or early next year.

Thanks for checking out my site! Stop back and check out the dates as they are updated quite often.

02.10.10UPDATES for 2010!

Hey everyone, Ryan on this end. The last few months have been extremely busy for me, so I haven't had as much time to update the site!! This week is going to be my time to get some updates on here! I'm hoping to change a few layout things as well as update my gig calendar, studio policy, etc... So in the mean time, you can feel free to contact me via my contact page on the site, or check out my friends at Taye Drums! www.tayedrums.com

10.23.09Surf Zombies Release

This is a link to the Surf Zombies record I layed a few tracks for this summer. There are over 20 tracks on the cd, I put down drum tracks for 12-14 of them. There are no credits on the CD baby site, but if you'd really like to know which ones I will gladly fill you in. Hopefully it will be up on iTunes and a few other sites soon. Enjoy!

09.10.09Fall news...

Hey everyone, just catching you up on my activites. I had a great summer playing a lot of gigs with Chubby, Funk Stop, and Junk Funk! The weather spolied the fun a few times, but you'll have that. I also recorded tracks for 3 cd's, 2 of which have just been released from the flute duo "Insterio" and the surf rock group "The Surf Zombies". The Surf Zombies release "Something Weird" should be availible on iTunes and emuisic.com very shortly, so keep an eye out. I've been very busy playing shows as well. I played the Cedar Rapids Symphony Guild "Follies 2009: No Biz Like Show Biz" show in July, and I'm currently playing drums for the Theatre Cedar Rapids production of "Alter Boyz" as well as "Annie" in Novemeber.

Teaching has been keeping me very busy as well now with the school year back in swing. I'm currently teaching 3 high school drumlines, as well as private lessons in my studio and select schools.

Last but certianly not least, I am now a Taye Drums Artist! I've been playing Taye Drums for over 6 years now, and I've always been a huge fan of how amazing the drums are for the price! You literally get the most bang out of your buck! Check out these amazing drums at www.TayeDrums.com

I am available for private drum set and percussion lessons, composing commissions, as well as recording sessions. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to help you with your musical project, and thanks for checking out my website!

07.31.09Ryan is now a Taye Drums artist.

I have been using Taye Drums for over 6 years. The main reasons I bought the drums where the sound, the great hardware with limitless options, as well as the great price of these drums! I am proud to announce that I am now a Taye Drums Artist. I've loved my Taye drums since the day I bought them, and can't wait to get my hands on some more of them! I think you need to do the same! These drums sound amazing for the price you pay, I dare you to try them out! They have a great variety of fusion, rock, and jazz kits, and a lot of options inbetween, as well as some amazing finishes! Check out the Taye Drums website on the link for this post, or visit www.tayedrums.com

Make sure you pronounce is "Tie" Drums... I'll admit I said it wrong for years.... Tomato, Tomato right? :)

04.10.09Hoopla "People You Should Meet"

I was lucky enough to be featured in the April 9th 2009 issue of Hoopla, which is a publication printed by the Gazette in Cedar Rapids. This publication features fine arts, events, places to eat, and all other things hip in the Eastern Iowa area. I was chosen to be featured in the "People You Should Meet" section, as well as my junk drumming group "Junk Funk" being featured in the music notes. This link will take you to the online edition so you can view it as it was printed. If the link doesn't work, try entering the link by hand: http://issuu.com/hoopla/docs/hoopla4.9.2009


01.16.09Exciting things to come in 2009!

Hey there everyone, Ryan on this end. Just thought I'd drop a note to those of you who may actually read this stuff and update you on what I've been up to and what's coming up this year!

2008 was an insane year for me! I played 4-5 musicals, the Cedar Rapids Symphony Follies production, as well as a ton of other gigs with various bands. I played over 120 gigs this year! My goal at the beginning of '08 was to hit 100 gigs, and I'm making it the same goal this year as well, we will see.

A few performances that stood out for me in '08 were my JUNK FUNK drumming group gigs, esp. the Farmers Market gigs. These were a blast because they were outside, it was beautiful, and we had a lot of people check out the group. We also landed a few festival gigs, and hoping to book even more in '09. Another gig that was fun was playing the CR symphony guild FOLLIES production. This was great because I had performed at the Paramount Theatre a few times in high school, and then getting to do it as a paid musician in the pit was a blast. The theatre sustained major damage in the June floods and has left a lot of broken hearts including mine praying for it's return someday. The last one I'll mention was Theatre Cedar Rapids production of "The Rocky Horror Show." The cast was a blast, and I had a ball playing the music.

2009 is looking to be an even more exciting year for me I feel. I was asked to join an 11 piece horn funk band called Funk Stop, playing popular funk tunes from the 70's and beyond. I'm also playing with an acoustic guitar duo called Chubby. I'm using a sort of hybrid percussion setup that's got the usual stuff, along with some not so usual stuff. I've also been doing some studio work with a few artists and bands around the Eastern Iowa area, and will get some clips up as soon as the stuff is finished up. I'm really really REALLY hoping I have time to work on some solo stuff this year with percussion, as well as possibly putting a jazz/funk thing together for a cd. We'll see, if someone can invent a money tree and a 48 hour day clock, I can get things rolling! HAHA.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this. You can find links to all of my projects on my "links" page, and dates on the "itinerary" page. And as always, If you are interested on spicing up your solo guitar cd with some percussion, or adding some crazy junk percussion track to your metal cd, whatever your need may be, don't be afraid to drop me a line! Have a Happy and Healthy 2009, and stay warm, it's -23 below zero here right now, and that's without the wind chill. Somehow earth has been getting it wrong lately and thinks Iowa is Alaska.

07.19.08July Updates....

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great summer. Things have been alright this summer, but I've hit a few major bumps for sure. Although I didn't loose any physical property due to the flooding, I did loose a pretty fair amount of gigs so far, which has been sad. Yes loosing the money side of it is a bummer, this is my profession, and how I make my living. The major part of it though is missing out on the fun and experience I get from the gigs I've lost out on. I was supposed to play for "Gypsy" at Theatre Cedar Rapids in August, as well as a few other gigs here and there. Many of the venues I had stuff booked for were in flood affected areas, and so many of those gigs are now canceled.

Far above what I have going on though, there are many, many people in Cedar Rapids who have lost their home, business, or even both. Many people were a little more lucky and at least have their homes, but with extensive damage and loss of personal property.

Many of us in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas are doing as much as we can to help those affected, but our area is only so big. If you live in another part of the state, country, or even world, any help you could provide the community would be greatly appreciated through donations of materials, money, anything you could think of. You can click on the related link for more information and how you can help out. We really appreciate your support in helping us rebuild our great community. Take care! -Ryan

06.15.08Flooding in Cedar Rapids....

As many of you know, Cedar Rapids has recently experienced a record breaking flood, that has left many homes and businesses destroyed. When I say record breaking, I should say more like record shattering. The old record was set in '93 by 19ish feet. This flood crested at 31.6? I think feet. Almost 12 1/2 feet past the last record. It went beyond the 500 year flood plane, which seems like a confusing term, but basically means a chance of a flood that catastrophic ever hitting Cedar Rapids in a year is 0.2% out of a 100% chance.

I was not directly effected as far as property damage or loss goes, but many of my friends and some family members experienced everything from minor flooding and property damage to total loss of their property. The neighborhood I grew up in and lived in all the way up to college had anywhere from a few feet, to probably 12-15 of water in and around their homes. Many of the live music venues I have played at and continue to play at have also sustained a little or a lot of damage such as Theatre Cedar Rapids, The Paramount Theatre, and many of the live music bars and restaurants in the downtown and Czech Village area.

The city of Cedar Rapids has taken a major hit. Many residents lost their homes, or sustained a lot of damage to their homes. The downtown business district, which has grown a lot in the past few years as far as nightlife and culture, has been pretty much destroyed. And those who may have survived it looks like it could be weeks, and even months until many of those places can reopen, if they can afford it.

Cedar Rapids can use as much help as you can give, and at any level. Please visit the related link, or the link below, to find out how you can help the city in the rebuilding process. Thank you. http://corridorrecovery.org/CedarRapidsArea.asp


Hey everyone, Ryan here. Just wanted to take a second and thank you for checking out my website! I've been getting a lot of positive feedback and comments about the site, thanks for that, and let me know if you've got any suggestions!
If you'd like to know when you can catch me, you can check out my calendar for summer and fall dates. I'm working on a few things right now, trying to get a couple of projects rolling, and hopefully building a music production studio in the next few months, fingers crossed :)
I've also got a few more slots open in my teaching schedule because of a few students involved with spring activities, so if you are interested in lessons, please feel free to contact me, it may even land you a free trial lesson! Take care, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, million dollar jingle recording opportunities... :)

02.17.08Updates and news....

Hey everyone, thank you to those of you who have checked out the site so far. I changed the song from before because the one before was 15 min. long, and made the main page slow down a bit from loading. Things should be smoother now. I've also uploaded a few more tunes to the listening library, check em out and let me know what you think!

As for other news, I've been keeping super busy teaching and playing. I've been working on pulling a killer trio / quartet together in the next few weeks, I will keep you posted once the ball is rollin on that, it's going to be a blast! This year has been very good to me so far, and I'm really hoping it stays this way. I've found that every year has it's UPS and DOWNS, and I just hope I have a lot more UPS than DOWNS, don't we all right?!

One last thing, if you find any problems for the site, or have any suggestions, please direct your comments at the almighty webmaster, which is me by the way. Just shoot me a message on the contact link. Thanks! -Ryan

02.13.08New sound clips up!

I've posted a few more sound clips. I hope you like them! I figured I've got a lot of space to use on here, and so I'll be rotating recordings in and out of the LISTEN page every now and again. Hope you are all enjoying the site, and drop me a message if you have any questions, comments, or kudos! Peace! -Ryan

02.07.08The website is getting close to finished!

Hey everyone, welcome to my site. I've finally told many of my friends and family about the site, and already I've gotten quite a lot of feedback and comments. I hope you all enjoy it, it's been a beast getting all of the information on here, but hopefully you will enjoy all of it, as well as sound clips, etc... I will still be adding more pictures, links, sound clips, and more to the profile over the next couple of weeks, so stop back! If you have any comments or ideas, shoot me a message on my CONTACT link. Take care! Thanks for visiting! -Ryan

01.30.08The DUST will settle soon!

Hey everyone, I know a few of you have taken a look at the website. I'm going to be tweaking it out for about another week or 2, but any of you have any ideas or comments, shoot me a message through my contact page. Any ideas would be great! Thanks! -Ryan

01.28.08My Homepage!

Hello everyone, welcome to my new website. I am thrilled I finally got the ball rolling on this thing. As you can tell, it's very bare right now, but keep checking back, I will have it looking much better in a week or 2. Take care! -Ryan