Funk Stop Demodemo

This is a demo from the funk band I play in called Funk Stop. Visit for more info.


The High Rip -Surf ZombiesSomething Weird

I laid about half of the drum tracks on this cd. Buy it up!


Something Weird- Surf ZombiesSomething Weird by Surf Zombies

I laid about half of the tracks of this cd. You can find it at the link below or look it up on itunes or


Dark Heart DawningBT - arr. by Kyle Novak

This was performed at Kyle Novak's recital in 2005. He arranged this electronic piece for a jazz combo setting. Pretty sweet! (drum set)


3 or 4 or More Shades of Blue - John SalernoUNI Jazz Panthers Live Concert

This was recorded at a live performance in 2003, when I played with the UNI "Jazz Panthers" jazz band, under the direction of Bob Washut. (drum set)


Online Suite - Bob Washut

This tune is titled "Online Suite". It was composed by my college jazz band director, Dr. Robert Washut. This was performed at a UNI "Jazz Panthers" concert in 2003. (drum set)


AtlantisUNI "Jazz Panthers"

This track is called Atlantis. It was recorded live in 2003 by the UNI "Jazz Panthers" under the direction of Bob Washut. (drum set)


Enter The Brain of the Insane- Ryan Hoagland & friends

This is an entirely improv piece I did with all of my friends at my senior recital at UNI. I basiclly walked around and played what I wanted to, then I had 8 of my friends come out that play brass and woodwinds, and they played whatever they wanted to. It turned out way cooler than I expected. 2005


Canned Heat- Eckhard Kopetzki

WARNING! This piece starts out VERY LOUD!
This is a multiple percussion solo I performed for my junior recital at the University of Northern Iowa in 2004.


Studie I - Michael Bump

"Studie I" was a timpani piece with multiple percussion setup that I played for my senior recital at the University of Northern Iowa.


II. Mysterious Love - Eckhart Kopetzki

This piece is the 2nd movement from "Three Movements for a Solo Dancer" by Eckhart Kopetzki. I performed this on my senior recital at UNI in 2005. (marimba)


ElevenEleven -Ryan Hoagland

WARNING! This track begins very loud!
This is a composition I wrote for my senior percussion recital at UNI in 2005. It's for a percussion sextet, featuring 3 drumsets and 4 mulitiple percussion setups.


The Water is WideKirkwood Vocal Jazz

So many don't know this, but I actually sang bass/baritone in choir from 6th grade through my Sophmore year of college. In college I was lucky enough to sing in an amazing a cappella vocal jazz group under the direction of Ray Salucka called "Jazz Transit". This is one of my favorite songs I sang with the group. Enjoy!


Never Never Landlonesome road - Kirkwood College Jazz Transit

This song is titled "Never Never Land". This was recorded for the Jazz Transit cd in 2001 under the direction of Ray Salucka. (drum set)


Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simonlonesome road - Jazz Transit

This is Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon. "Jazz Transit" with rhythm section, under the direction of Ray Salucka in 2001. (drum set)


Light House - Ryan MiddaghUNI Jazz Band One - Renovation

This song is called Light House, and was written by Ryan Middagh. This tune features UNI Jazz Band One, and I am playing cajon as a guest performer. Enjoy!


I DunnoRyan Hoagland

Ryan Hoagland, improving on cajon, body percussion, and tap shoes. 2004